As a highly experienced Ob/Gyn and Fertility specialist, specializing in minimally invasive surgeries with a sole focus on women’s health and wellness, Dr. Javid highly complements Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness centers with her wealth of experience, skills, attention to detail and ability to perform feminine revitalization and rejuvenation procedures coupled with a passion for keeping abreast of the latest technological developments in gynecology and aesthetic medicine.  As with each member of our team, she also shares that traditional medical as well as aesthetic medical issues are often symptomatic of a deeper problem. Dr. Javid is ever dedicated to finding solutions and offering treatment options that get to the core of the problem and address it both holistically and medically, from internally to externally. Not only is Dr. Javid highly proactive about providing her patients with a compassionate heart and high-quality care, she is passionate about developing, refining and offering the best of what modern and aesthetic medicine has to offer.


Meet Dr. Javid

Meet Dr. Athiya D Javid, and learn more about her philosophy of care.
Dr. Athiya Javid OB/GYN is a professional gynecologist who specializes in OB-GYN services and treatment.