As an integral member of the team, Dr. Mayhew brings to Gentle Touch Aesthetics and Wellness her a wealth of experience and talent for staying abreast of the latest technological developments in gynecology, functional and aesthetic medicine. She also shares with the team members the belief that medical as well as aesthetic issues are often symptomatic of a deeper problem, and is dedicated to finding solutions and offering treatments that get to the root of the problem and address it both holistically and medically, from the inside out. In practice since 1986, Dr. Mayhew has acquired a vast experience in aesthetic treatments and surgical procedures. Dr. Mayhew is the Chief Medical Director of For Women by Women in Los Gatos, CA where she specializes in female rejuvenation and gynecology. She is as proactive about providing her patients with compassionate, high-quality care as she is about offering the best of what modern aesthetic medicine has to offer. To learn more about Dr. Mayhew, please visit her at her